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Telescope loans to schools advice (solar telescopes)

Posted: Tue May 22, 2012 7:28 pm
by mystarrymessenger
Hi folks

Just a quick one, Im a secondary school science teacher and amatuer astronomer who is trying to find out if there are any loan schemes of there for solar telescopes. We have a couple of telescopes already at the school, mostly belonging to me who brings them in to make lessons a little more exciting. I am planning on running a solar observation day in the summer but would love to have access to some H alpha scopes to aid with the observations.

Solar scopes as you are no doubt aware are quite pricey, and for a school to purchase one is very difficult. Are there any loan schemes out there where a west midlands based school could borrow a solar scope for a week or a day? A general Google search suggests that some parts of the Uk have loan schemes near them, but I couldnt see any for birmginham based schools.

I would love some advice on this, or anybody in any local astronomical societies may be able to assist

Look forward to hearing back from you


Re: Telescope loans to schools advice (solar telescopes)

Posted: Wed May 23, 2012 9:13 am
by David Frydman
Dear Ben,
Perhaps look up the Federation of Astronomical Societies, link above?, and approach local astro societies who may help.
I would not think many individual astronomers would loan solar scopes.
Also the safety aspects have to very carefully explained to any school children.
A 60mm refractor could be used to project white light images safely. These sometimes turn up in charity shops and are anyway quite cheap new.

Regards, David