21:01 hrs Bright Fireball sigthing

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21:01 hrs Bright Fireball sigthing

Post by PaulB »

Did anybody see a bright fireball, this evening?

I was looking north-east. When at 21:01hrs a magnitude -4 or possibly brighter. Slow moving fireball was seen heading in the direction of Ursa Minor.

It's colour was green and. It was fragmenting. It lasted for approximately 2 seconds.
Paul Anthony Brierley
Tony Markham
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Re: 21:01 hrs Bright Fireball sigthing

Post by Tony Markham »

Although the meteor section hasn't received any reports directly of this fireball, I have tracked down three other reports - from Margate, from East Yorkshire and from Birmingham.
One mentions the green colour, the other two describe it as orange.
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